The Charity operates three separate funds:

1) Walter Bigg Fund: income from investments in this fund and the Walter Bigg Property Fund is used:

a. to provide items, services and facilities for Wallingford School;
b. otherwise to promote the education of children and young persons (aged between 11 – 25) resident in Wallingford;

in the above order of priority.

2) Hedges Chemical Science Fund: provides income to award prizes in natural sciences to pupils attending Wallingford School.

3) Walter Bigg Foundation Property Fund, in which the proceeds from the sale of property formerly owned by the Trust on the upper school site are held. Revenue income from this fund is paid into the Walter Bigg Fund.


The Charity owns 100% of the Title ON238572, which makes up 55% of a playing field in Wallingford, situated west of St Georges Road. The Title also includes the Charity’s ownership of a one meter wide ransom strip between Walter Bigg Way and Ayres Yard in Wallingford.

Future plans

Due to residential developments in Wallingford, it is anticipated that the School will need to accommodate 400 additional pupils by 2023. The charity will work with the School and the Merchant Taylors’ Oxfordshire Academy Trust to see how it might best use its assets to assist in this project.


Applying for funds